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About Us

The University of Louisiana at Lafayette Regional Application Center (RAC) Regional Application Center  UL Lafayette logoprovides NASA based and other remotely sensed technologies to the general public. These include providing the capability to receive directly and indirectly, manipulate, and disseminate satellite and other remotely-sensed and geospatial data effectively and inexpensively in near real time for Earth resource application development.

Services and research provided include:

  • LIDAR and Remote Sensing / UAV Coordination
  • Watershed Delineation/ Land Cover Change Detection
  • Continuing Education in GIS and RS and related disciplines
  • Local Government Assistance / Emergency Response
  • Imagery archive development and assistance
  • University Geographic Information System / Remote Sensing Curriculum Development and Teaching
  • Support Louisiana National Guard Geospatial Center
  • United States Geological Survey Coastal Programs