In Our Backyard

Our databases allow us to study the changes that happen along the Louisiana coastline — and you can learn what the maps are telling us.

Sign up for one of our workshops to learn how to do wetland remote sensing and mapping, or immerse yourself in advanced wetland photo-interpretation.

Out of This World

We collect high-res images and vast amounts of data through satellites, so we can admire and learn about the landforms in our backyards and across the globe.

With 40 years of data in our hands, we can apply that information to agriculture, geology, forestry, regional planning, education, and global change research.

Regional Application Center

Regional Application Center logoAt the UL Lafayette Regional Application Center, we are responsible for gathering and sharing satellite and remote sensing imagery. We share that data with the public, the military, governmental agencies, and other research centers.

Our research and data are vital pieces in emergency response, coastal restoration, transportation, industry and farming.

We offer workshops, certification, and academic courses, and even a traveling art exhibit that showcases the beauty of our planet.

Learn more about us and our work in education and research.

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