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RAC Team Presents 'How STELLA Can Support Earth Observation Workshop' | July 11

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The RAC- STELLA  Development Team hosted a webinar to discuss the ways the STELLA equipement will be used for STEM outreach for local students.

July 11th at 2:00pm CT /3:00PM EST. 


Over the past year, NASA has expanded our understanding of satellite data with STELLA spectrometers. These devices provide an entry point to help better understand the sensors on Landsat satellites including the electromagnetic spectrum. Students, through this hands-on device, are able to learn about collecting spectral data and create spectral signatures to help interpret the data while highlighting the importance of Landsat satellite imagery. STELLA is designed as an educational and outreach tool to teach about Landsat and remote sensing to students and the community. The Landsat satellite program, including the upcoming Landsat Next, plays a crucial role in these educational initiatives.

To support learning, the Regional Application Center (RAC) team at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette will highlight their Earth observation education outreach summer workshop program. They will demonstrate how STELLA engages students with remote sensing, allowing them to explore key concepts, explain their understanding through practical application, elaborate on their knowledge with real-world data, and evaluate their learning process through hands-on technology.


2:00 pm Welcome and RAC STELLA Collaboration Introductions

Rodney Yantis, MLA, RAC Director


2:10 pm RAC Student STELLA Team Introductions

Courtney Poirier Chicola, PhD, Undergraduate Coordinator


2:15 pm How STELLA can support Earth observation outreach?

Integrating STELLA into summer workshop program activities

Presenters: Bree Landry, Tiffany Armentor, RAC STELLA Education & Outreach Team


Developing interactive Kahoot games and courses for STELLA and Landsat

Presenters: Hayden Smith, Kaitlyn Caminita, RAC STELLA Kahoot Team


STELLA and engineering: Building the best of both worlds

Presenters: Billy Poirier, John Meaney, RAC STELLA Engineering Team


2:40 pm Feedback and Discussion – open to the audience (discuss insights, questions, suggests

improvements for future programs, ideas for future collaboration)


RAC Team:

Rodney B. Yantis, MLA, RAC Director

Courtney Poirier Chicola, PhD, Undergraduate Coordinator

Undergraduate students: Tiffany Armentor, Grace Blanchard, Kaitlyn Caminita, Meg Chauvin, Joseph Kolb, Bree Landry, John Meaney, Nathaniel Pharis, Billy Poirier, Crystallyn Savoie, Hayden Smith


Landsat Website:


Link to previous STELLA webinars:


STELLA Website:


GitHub Forum:


Other ways to join the webinar:

Title: How STELLA Can Support Earth Observation Outreach

Date: July 11, 2024

Start Time: 2:00pm - 3:00pm CT

See webinar recording -


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